Turkcell is the leading mobile phone operator in Turkey. It is also the largest company in the country, with over 20 thousand employees and some 40 million subscribers.

Turkcell uses Full Convert extensively when migrating legacy projects to the new technology. Many of their projects use Microsoft SQL Server, but there is an internal push for the open-source technology and PostgreSQL. The company employs many talented PostgreSQL database administrators and it makes a lot of sense to integrate data and make the most of the available talent.

Fatih Dartici
Master Expert Developer

Fatih Dartici, a Master Expert Developer in Turkcell, noted:

“You made an amazing tool! Full Convert deserves its price, more than a 100%.”

Full Convert was initially used in just one pilot project, where it worked so well that it is now regularly used in different environments. At this point, Full Convert is used in 14 different projects, by several teams.

Prior to the introduction of Full Convert to the company workflows, Turkcell relied on custom-built migration scripts. On one such project, a team wrote custom scripts to migrate and verify the data movement over a period of months, among other tasks. Now, Full Convert has become the backbone of the data movement process.